The Generous Church Project

"This program is superb and the approach you use to teach is extra-ordinary.  God has blessed and entrusted you with gifting to teach His word, thank you fo rusing this gift to bless His people.  We thank God for you."  

~ Rev. Betty Nairuba, Jinja, Uganda

Generously Live, Serve, and Give!

The Generous Church Project is all about becoming effective stewards, learning how to live, serve, and give generously to advance the Kingdom of God.  Effective stewardship, understanding that God owns everything and applying those principles to your life, doesn't just happen.  It requires teaching and application that's intentional.

The Generous Church Project is designed to teach denominational leaders effective stewardship principles and they in turn teach these principles to their members so that the biblical principles of effective stewardship become part and parcel of the lives of everyone within the Church.

“For in him [Christ] all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.”

Col. 1:16

Basic Training 

At this three day workshop participants will learn and understand the biblical principles of effective stewardship.  Working together in groups they will craft a four to six week sermon series on effective stewardship for the congregations within their denomination.  As God works in the hearts of congregation members and as they embrace effective stewardship as a way of life they will experience spiritual growth, as well as increased church attendance and local giving.

Advanced Training 

Having completed Basic Training and the sermon series in their local congregations, participants in this three day advanced training workshop will:

  • Review the biblical principles of effective stewardship

  • Create Bible study materials and Adult and Children Sunday School materials

  • Develop local mission opportunities for lifestyle growth


Learning, applying, and embracing these principles will allow the denomination to become the
Generous Church as members live out what they believe and advance God's Kingdom

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